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Q. Appreciated your article! Do you have any experience with effective mouthguards that address both night grinding and snoring? I am finding it difficult to find a solution that elevates both symptoms while staying in my mouth after I fall asleep.

A. Most snoring mouthpieces are constructed from a thermoplastic material that is often the same material as night guards for teeth grinding are constructed of. That being said, the useful life of each device will be shortened a bit, depending on the severity of your bruxism. Because most “boil and bite” devices can become quite thin once formed, they can quickly wear out as you grind your teeth. Because of this, most manufacturers advise against using one with bruxism.

However, the Good Morning Snore Solution is a product that can be worn in addition to a night guard. The manufacturer actually suggests that you may be able to use the device to prevent teeth grinding as well as snoring because it does not permit you to close your mouth entirely. This may be a good match for you. As always, seek the advice of your doctor before trying this device or any others.

Q. What company manufactures the SomnoGuard?

A.The SomnoGuard is manufactured by Tomed Dr. Toussaint GmbH, based out of Bensheim Germany.

Q. Hello, I have suffered from Sleep Apnoea for this past 25 years and used a CPAP machine to control the condition. My dentist prescribed a MAD device 12 years ago to remedy my condition but without significant success. However, I understand your mouthpiece may provide an effective solution but simpler solution than the CPAP system. Please, would you advise me?

A. While most devices mentioned on this site are intended to treat snoring exclusively, some individuals use such devices to treat Sleep Apnea. However, it’s very important that you discuss any treatment options with your doctor before proceeding.

Q. I currently use the Snoremender mouthguard and was about to order another but was wondering if the good morning option was a little more comfortable and as successful as the full guard?

A. The Snoremender is a good choice as is a similar product called the zQuiet. Both the Snoremender and zQuiet are considered mandibular advancement devices and both allow free movement of the mouth which is great for mouth breathers. The Good Morning Snore Solution is considered a tongue stabilizing device (TSD) and attaches to the tip of one’s tongue. While in position, the tongue will rest just on the outside of the lips, preventing the flow of air into the mouth. Because of this, having the ability to breathe through your nose is necessary when using the GMSS.

As for comfort and effectiveness, both devices are fairly comfortable and equally effective. However, if you breathe through your nose while asleep, you may find the GMSS to be a bit more comfortable once you become adjusted to wearing this style of the mouthguard.

Q. If you were to choose between the AveoTSD and the Good Morning Snore Solution, which would it be? I would like to try one of these but can’t decide which would be better. The Good Morning Snore device is cheaper and the company gives support and money back guarantee. The AveoTSD is more expensive and I don’t see any money back guarantee although I think you can return it if you buy it from a pharmacy that has that policy. I’m mainly concerned with being able to return it if it doesn’t help and most importantly, comfort. Do you have an opinion on which one is more comfortable?
Thank you!

A.Both devices are a great choice although I prefer the GMSS due to the 2 reasons mentioned.

– It’s cheaper
– It comes with a money back guarantee

Also, the AveoTSD is usually a prescription only device while the GMSS can be ordered online by just about anyone and shipped to most countries.

In my opinion, both devices are equal when it comes to comfort and effectiveness. Thanks for asking.

Q. I suffer from sleep apnea as well as snoring. I have used the Good Morning mouthpiece for 3 nights and found it has stopped snoring and helped with the sleep apnea. My only problem is that I continually awaken through the night with my tongue out of the mouthpiece. I hope over a period of time my tongue will stay in the mouthpiece and really improve my sleep apnea problem.

A. Occasionally users of the GMSS will experience difficulty keeping the device attached to their tongue. This issue usually resolves itself with prolonged use. However, a more immediate solution suggested by the manufacturer is to place a few drops of olive oil into the tip before use. The olive oil is thicker than saliva and will not evaporate. This will help to keep the device attached to your tongue throughout the night.

Q. I noticed on your review chart that there is a “useful life” column for each product.  How is that determined and does that mean the product starts to break down or no longer works after that period?

A. The useful life of a product is based on claims from the manufacturer. Over time, the thermoplastic material that is typically used to create most mouthpieces begins to deteriorate. As these devices age, the material will become brittle and will not fit snugly in the mouth. Over time, they will become distorted, loose fitting and ineffective.  Most quality products will last for 6-24 months.