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3 easy to do home remedies for snoring that actually work

Snoring is an issue that affects approximately 2 out of every five Americans. Often times, people will seek the latest gadgets, pills, potions, or even resort to surgery in order to rid their self of this problem. While each one of these solutions has its place, there are a few simple home remedies that are easy and affordable. Before handing your money over, consider these three stop snoring solutions.

Take a steamy shower

Taking a hot showerOne of the easiest home remedies for snoring may be as simple as taking a shower. If you have chronic nasal congestion, this could be a helpful solution to your snoring woes.

Before going to bed, take a long shower with the door closed and exhaust fan turned off. Adjust the water temperature so that it is bearably hot, being careful not to scald yourself. Take your time, relax and focus on breathing through your nose. The water vapors will help loosen mucus and open nasal passages in addition to moistening the airway. Don’t forget to turn the exhaust fan on once you are finished.

If you are crunched for time or perhaps are unable to shower, run a small towel under hot water and wring out excess water. Placing the towel over your face for several minutes will produce a similar effect.

Sleep on an incline

organizeit.comBy sleeping in a raised position, the soft palate in your throat will less likely come in contact with your airway. This can cause an airway blockage which is the primary cause of snoring.

While an adjustable bed may not be in your budget, a simple solution is to use bed risers. Place a 4″-6″ riser under the head legs of your bed. If you are on a really tight budget you can stack 2×4’s or even use bricks. Use books, blocks, whatever it takes to get the head of your bed in an elevated position. You may also want to swap out your pillows for newer, firmer ones which will also help to elevate the head and prevent snoring.

Avoid dairy products

dairy freeCheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products consumed before bedtime can cause snoring. How so? It is a known fact that when you eat dairy products your body produces excessive mucus. An abundance of thick mucus can cause airways to become sticky, ultimately collapsing and restricting breathing. This theory has been around for a long time and is still debatable. The latest information indicated that some are affected by dairy while others are not. Either way, it’s worth a try.

The effects of dairy products can last for several hours so keep your bedtime in mind before consuming that fudge sundae or glass of milk.

Before taking drastic, and often more expensive measures, you may want to try these tips to stop snoring naturally.

Which mouthpiece should I buy?

The anti-snoring mouthpiece is one of the most highly effective stop snoring solutions available. With over 100 different products to choose from, deciding which one to buy can be challenging.

As a snorer and product reviewer, I have tried many of these devices and created a list of recommended devices that will help to make this decision much easier.

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