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Snorelax Snoring Solution Adhesive Strips – Do They Work?

Snorelax is yet another anti-snoring product that has been recently introduced on crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Between the two sites, the company has raised over $183k in funds to launch their product. They are planning to start shipping the Snorelax as early as August 2018.

What Exactly Is Snorelax?

One Snorelax adhesive bandageIf you google the term “Snorelax”, Google will automatically show you results for the search term “Snorlax” (That’s Snorelax without the “e”). Here, you will find pages of information on a fictional character from the Pokémon cartoon, and not necessarily the snoring device.

Finding any information on the product requires that you click on the “Search instead for Snorelax” link which will direct you to the results for the product as it’s truly spelled.

Once you arrive at the correct search results page, you will not see a whole lot of information on this product or company aside from their Kickstarter campaign, a press release, and their official website which actually redirects you to their Indiegogo page.

Since I’ve never seen anything like it, I was intrigued and had to know more about what the company had to offer. Since their fundraising page was the only place that I was able to find information, I started my research there.

Perhaps the best way to describe the appearance of the SnoreLax is a cross between a large Band-aid and a jaw strap.

While it’s made from a 100% cotton material, it shares some of the same characteristics as Band-Aid because it has an adhesive backing which attaches to the face in two areas – below the cheekbone and under the chin.

It’s similar to a chin strap because the placement of the adhesive strip prevents the jaw from falling back, which in turn causes a narrowing of the airway. Chinstraps have been in existence for many years now and many have found them to be helpful when it comes to preventing snoring.

The Claim

snorelax claimsThe message that Snorelax delivers is straight-forward and simple. They believe that their product will allow you to wake up feeling energized, improve your health and in some cases, save your marriage.  Their product requires no maintenance, is non-invasive, is beard-friendly and allows you to sleep in any position.

The company claims that snoring is the third leading cause of divorce (although infidelity, financial issues, and lack of communication arguably rank among the top three). We do know that snoring can disrupt our partner’s sleep and lead to marital problems and perhaps divorce in some cases. It’s also known that snoring can be bad for your health.

While their Kickstarter page doesn’t offer any scientific evidence proving their product to be effective, they do suggest that their product was developed by “medical doctors” with combined medical experience of 65 years.

They do show a before and after MRI which illustrates a narrowed airway before using the Snorelax and after. There is a clear difference between the airway opening in the first and second image.

What’s The Cost of Snorelax?

Snorelax is currently in production, so it’s not available for sale to non-backers.

They are however offering “perks” to their backers which might give us some insight into how much these will sell for in the future.

For $29, you will receive a 30-night supply of Snorelax. For $55, you will double the amount that you receive to 60. The price per 30-day supply reduces as you purchase in volume.

At about $1 per day supply, it’s unlikely that the cost will exceed this amount as many will be hesitant to spend nearly $400 annually on an anti-snoring product. I would expect it to eventually sell for $30 or less for a 1 month supply.

My Thoughts On Snorelax

Snorelax is certainly interesting and is a one-of-a-kind stop product that captured my interest from the moment that I came across it online.

In the past, I have tried using chinstraps which wrap around the head and provide similar jaw lifting action. The results of such products varied. In some cases, they reduced my snoring while other times I could not tell a difference in the amount or intensity of my snoring.  Perhaps since the area that it targets is more focused, it will be more effective.

I’m however still not entirely sold on the science behind the Snorelax. Knowing the doctors behind the product or citing specific research showing a study that was conducted would be helpful.

Overall, for around $30, I believe this will be a product that’s worth trying, despite the lack of evidence. The cost is lower than most snoring devices, although the ongoing cost of using this product daily can become expensive.

I hope to review this product soon and will add the information that I find to this post.

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