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How Long Does It Take For A Snoring Mouthpiece To Work?

clock with a question markIf you are considering buying a snoring mouthpiece, you’re probably wondering how long it takes for it to work. Does it work the first night or will it take some time before you begin to see results?

Snoring mouthpieces typically work the first night which means for most, you can expect to see immediate results. In some cases, you may experience an adjustment period before you begin to see a reduction or elimination of snoring. Then, there are less common cases where a mouthpiece does not affect snoring. Here are a few reasons why a mouthpiece may not work immediately and a proposed solution.

Reasons Why A Snoring Mouthpiece May Not Work

Poor or Improper Fitting

The Problem: The most common reason why you may not see results the first night of use is due to a poor or improper fit.

Most mouthguards require a custom fitting which typically involves heating the unit and taking an impression of your teeth.

There are two reasons why this is done. First, a mouthguard that has been custom fitted will stay in position and not move around. Second, a properly fitted mouthguard will keep the jaw forward, which is an essential part of clearing the airway of breathing obstructions.

The Solution: If you suspect that your oral appliance is not working because of an improper fit, start by reviewing the fitting instructions that came with the packaging to ensure that it was molded properly.

One mistake often made with a boil and bite thermoplastic mouthpiece is not pushing the jaw out during the fitting. When correctly fitted, the lower teeth should be slightly in front of the upper. If not, the jaw is not properly advanced and snoring will continue.

Mouthpiece Falls Out While Asleep

The Problem: You wake up in the morning and find that your mouthpiece has fallen out and is laying next to your pillow. The issue, of course, is that the mouthpiece has to be inside of your mouth in order to work.

The Solution: There are a couple different possibilities here. First, the appliance that you chose may be too small or too large for your mouth. Some manufacturers offer different size appliances for different size mouths. For instance, women’s mouths are generally smaller than men’s, so they may require a scaled-down regular size mouthpiece. Several companies such as VitalSleep or Snoremeds offers different size options.

An improper fit will also cause a mouthpiece to fall out. Once again, ensure that it fits snugly and does not move around when inside of the mouth.

Sometimes, even a properly fitted mouthpiece will fall out at night if you tend to sleep with your mouth open. In this case, you may want to consider using an elastic chin strap along with your mouthpiece to hold the jaw closed and prevent the mouthpiece from falling out. Neoprene chinstraps can be purchased for less than $20 online.

Snoring Is Caused By Some Other Issue

The Problem: While snoring is almost always caused by a narrowed airway due to the jaw falling back, there are cases where a snoring mouthpiece may not be effective.

If your snoring originates from the sinuses, which is far less common than the airway, a mouthpiece that holds the jaw forward is not going to help. It’s possible that a nasal obstruction is causing your snoring.

The Solution: Try creating the sound of snoring while laying on your back. Next, move your jaw forward and see if the snoring sound becomes quiet or is eliminated. If you do not notice a difference in sound, your snoring may originate elsewhere. In such a case, it may be best to consult with a physician so they can determine the exact cause.


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