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ZQuiet vs SnoreRx – A product comparison and discussion on which is better

ZquietvsSnorerx2As a chronic snorer, I have tried a number of different anti-snoring mouthpieces in an effort to find one that is effective as well as comfortable and affordable. Along the way, I have tested both the ZQuiet and the SnoreRx and while both were actually effective, there were some clear differences between the two.


zquiet design


The ZQuiet uses a one-piece “hinged” design. It is manufactured using a transparent blue BPA free thermoplastic elastomer material, making it durable yet still soft and easy on the gums. The upper and lower trays have been joined together to form a spring-loaded hinge. This unique design allows for free movement of the jaw while it’s being used. The free movement permits you to speak or take a sip of water without removing the mouthpiece.

A short pair of airflow posts is incorporated into both the upper and lower trays. These posts create a space at the front of the mouthpiece which allows for the movement of air, even when one’s mouth is completely closed. This feature is very important if you tend to be a mouth breather while sleeping.



In comparison, the SnoreRx is made from a soft medical grade thermoplastic and contains a hard plastic frame at the center. It uses a two-piece design in which the upper and lower trays slide into each other. The lower tray remains in a fixed position while the upper tray slides back and forward to the desired position.

Unlike the ZQuiet, the SnoreRx does not use a hinged design. This means that you must remove the oral appliance before speaking or drinking.

Similar to the ZQuiet, the SnoreRx has a large breathing hole located at the front of the device which permits air to pass through freely.


thicknessOne of the most notable differences between the ZQuiet and SnoreRx is the thickness of the device. The ZQuiet has an overall profile that is rather thin and compact while the SnoreRx has a thicker profile that takes up more room inside the mouth.

This thicker design is not troublesome for most who have an average size or largemouth but may cause issues for those with smaller mouths.


adjustableOne of the greatest advantages that the SnoreRx has over the ZQuiet is the ability to be adjusted to the precise setting needed to prevent snoring. The advancement setting of SnoreRx can be moved in 1-millimeter increments, up to 10mm or approximately 1/2″ by simply pushing in on the sides of the device and ratcheting the lower tray forward.  This is a key component when it comes to preventing snoring. A mouthpiece that does not hold the lower jaw forward in just the right position simply will not prevent snoring.

To combat the issue of not being able to adjust the jaw advancement setting, ZQuiet actually sends their customers two mouthguards, each one with a slightly different advancement setting. Their customers are instructed to start off by using the one with the least amount of advancement. If this one fails to prevent snoring, the second device should be used which will hold the lower jaw even further forward. While the ZQuiet cannot be adjusted, the two mouthpieces sent are set to the most common advancement settings. Having the ability to choose between two sizes – “size A” and the “size B”  increases your likelihood of success.


customPrior to being used, the SnoreRx must be heated in hot water for 60 seconds and then placed in the mouth for 30 seconds in order to create a custom impression of your teeth.

In comparison, the ZQuiet can be used right out of the box. This means that for most individuals, customization will not be necessary. For some, a bit of tweaking using a pair of scissors may be necessary in order to achieve a better fit.

While the SnoreRx molds to the exact contour of your teeth, the trade-off is an increase in the amount of bulk inside of your mouth.


When it comes comfort, this area can be quite subjective. While putting these two mouthpieces to the test, I found each to be easy to wear and comfortable. The majority of users share the same opinion while some online reviews have suggested that the SnoreRx can be somewhat cumbersome.

FDA clearance

FDABoth products are FDA cleared. You can review the 501K summaries for each device here and here.

Available Trial

While technically not a “free trial”, you can try the zQuiet for 30 days for $9.95. This price covers the costs associated with shipping and processing. After the 30 day trial, your credit card will be billed for the full retail price of this mouthpiece.

If you decide to return the ZQuiet within the 30 day trial period, your credit card will not be billed for the additional cost of the device. The original $9.95 is nonrefundable and you will be responsible for return shipping charges.

The SnoreRx offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their policy states that if not satisfied, you can return the SnoreRx within 30 days of purchase and receive a refund on their product. Their return policy states that the customer must still pay the shipping costs associated with receiving and returning their product.


While you can pay the shipping and processing charges of $9.95 and “try” the zQuiet for 30 days, the actual purchase price is $59.95 plus the shipping and processing charge of $9.95. The overall out the door cost is $69.90.

In comparison, the SnoreRx costs $99 in addition to a $2.28 medical device excise tax plus $10 shipping. The total cost is approximately $111.28.

Overall, the ZQuiet is about $41.00 less expensive than the SnoreRx.

Which is better?

Compared side by side, these two mouthpieces have several common characteristics and are equally effective when it comes preventing snoring.

The two most notable areas where they differ are in thickness and in price. The ZQuiet is more compact and is offered for $41 less than the SnoreRx. For these two reasons I personally prefer the ZQuiet over the SnoreRx although they are both great products.

Because everyone’s preferences will differ, I have created the comparison chart below to help make this decision easier. You will also find my video review of each product below the comparison chart.

Read my complete personal review on the ZQuiet or the SnoreRx or visit either of their websites by clicking on the links below.

Visit ZQuiet Website

Visit SnoreRx Website


zQuietzQuiet centered

SnoreRxSnorerx centered

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Breather port

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One piece design

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