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Good Morning Snore Solution vs SnoreRx – Is one better than the other?

gmssvsnorerxThe Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) and the SnoreRx are two distinctly different products that are both designed to achieve one common goal which is to prevent snoring.

The GMSS was invented by Dr. Leslie Dort, a Canadian dentist while Jim Fallon created the SnoreRx with the assistance of a team of engineers and specialist. Both are popular stop snoring devices and both are sold worldwide. What differentiates these two products from each other and does one stand taller?

You may be trying to decide between the GMSS and the SnoreRx but would like to compare them side-by-side before making a decision. I’ve tried both mouthpieces as well as several others over the past few years. Drawing from my experience, I hope to shed some light on what sets these two snoring mouthguards apart from each other starting with the differences in design.

Difference in design

Snore RX explainedPlace one device next to the other and it’s easy to see that there’s an undeniable difference in design.

The SnoreRx uses a popular technique called mandibular advancement to prevent snoring. Snoring commonly occurs because the airway muscles relax while in a deep sleep and tends to collapse causing tissues in the airway to flap against each other. The Mandibular Advancement Device, often referred to as the “MAD”, opens the airway by holding the lower jaw forward while you sleep. Holding the jaw forward just a fraction of an inch tightens the muscles and tissue around the airway just enough to provide a clear passage for air to travel. With a clear airway, the sound of snoring is eliminated.

This particular device fits inside of the mouth around the upper and lower teeth and holds the mandible (jaw) forward. It is designed to allow for one-millimeter adjustments until the desired position is reached. Once the “sweet spot” is located,  the airway remains open, allowing air to move freely in and out of the mouth and nose. MAD’s are have been used to prevent snoring and sleep apnea for several decades now although the at home versions have only recently become popular among snorers in the past 15 years.

gmss attachmentIn comparison, the GMSS is considered a tongue stabilizing device (TDS) which also clears the airway but by using a different method in comparison to the MAD. The TSD is a relatively new technique that is used by the GMSS and its sole competitor, the aveoTSD.

The GMSS fits between the teeth and lips and resembles a pacifier. A bulb is incorporated into the end of the device which uses suction power to grab the tongue and hold it just outside of the mouth. Holding the tongue forward serves two purposes. First, the tongue can not fall to the back of the airway which can contribute to a snoring problem. Second, and perhaps most important function is to tighten tissue and muscles around the airway which are prone to collapse while asleep. This is the primary area where snoring occurs and is the same area that is targeted by the MAD. In essence, this product performs the same task a MAD with the added feature of keeping the tongue out of the airway.

Mouth breathing capabilities

mouth breathingOne attribute that really sets apart these two devices is their capability for mouth breathing. This is an important consideration that must be weighed when choosing between a TSD such as the GMSS and a MAD such as the SnoreRx. One product allows mouth breathing during use while the other does not.

The SnoreRx fits completely inside of the mouth and features a large air hole at the front of the mouthpiece which allows mouth breathers to inhale and exhale while wearing the device.

Due to its design, the GMSS will not allow air to pass in and out.

This feature alone will often be a determining factor when it comes to making a decision. The best way to determine whether or not a breather port is necessary is to ask your bed partner if your snoring is coming primarily from your nose or mouth. If you are snoring exclusively through your mouth then a breather port will likely be a necessity.


effectiveDo either of these products really work? There’s no reason to invest in either device if they are not effective. Dozens of studies have been conducted measuring the rate of effectiveness of both types of devices. Here’s one such study published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The research suggests that both types of devices are equally effective when it comes to controlling both snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnea.

While you may find contradicting claims from customers online about one product working better than the other, medical research suggests that both types can effectively control snoring. Personally, I’ve had success controlling my own snoring using both products.

Customization and adjustability

In some cases, having the ability to customize and adjust a piece is necessary in order to achieve optimal performance and a comfortable fit. Most MAD’s that are being sold are set in a “fixed” position and can not be adjusted or customized. The SnoreRx uses a thermoplastic resin which can be heated in hot water and custom molded to your teeth. One molded, it can then be adjusted by pushing in on the sides and sliding the lower tray in or out.

In contrast, the GMSS is a one size fits all solution that does not need to be customized or adjusted. Since it’s a tongue stabilizing device, it will work straight out of the packaging without any need for modification.


Comfortable anti-snore deviceWhile both products are effective, an important consideration to weigh is the level of comfort. A comfortable device will be more tolerable which increases the likelihood of long-term compliance. If it’s uncomfortable to wear, odds are you will wear it for a few days before permanently storing it away or disposing of it.

Comparing the comfort level of the GMSS and SnoreRx, both are fairly easy to wear once you become accustomed to having a foreign object in your mouth. It does take a few days to become accustomed to wearing either device. During this time period, you may experience some discomfort and drooling. If the discomfort lasts more than a few days you should discontinue use.

Although both products can be comfortable, in my opinion, the GMSS is more compact and less invasive in comparison to the SnoreRx. Some people prefer the GMSS for this reason alone.

Denture compatibility

DenturesOne obstacle that denture wearers often encounter is finding a mouthpiece that they can use.

According to the manufacturer of the GMSS, this product is appropriate for use by denture wearers. Due to the nature of its design, it can be used while wearing dentures or with dentures removed.

In contrast, the SnoreRx cannot be used by those who wear dentures because the mouthpiece relies on a solid set of teeth in order to work properly. Like all other MAD’s, the Snore RX uses the teeth to leverage the lower jaw forward.

FDA clearance

Both the SnoreRx and GMSS have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), making them safe to use. You can take a look at the 510k summary of each device here and here.

Total cost

Money MoneyAs for price, the GMSS and the SnoreRx rival each other.

The SnoreRx sells for $99.00 plus a $2.28 Medical Device Excise Tax as well as a $10.00 shipping charge, bringing the overall cost to around $112.00.

In comparison, the Good Morning Snore Solution sells for $99.94 with free shipping (Promo code: FREE SHIPPING) . This brings the overall cost up to approximately $100.00 which is less expensive than the SnoreRx.

Return policies

While choosing a product, you may want to consider the manufacturers return policy. Both the SnoreRx and GMSS are offered with a money back guarantee. The return policy of each product is identical. Both manufacturers guarantee your satisfaction for 30 days from the date of purchase with a money back offer. In both cases, the customer is responsible for paying the cost of return shipping.

Which product is better?

After comparing these two products you may still be wondering which product is better. The answer to this question will depend on your individual circumstances. They are both great products that are effective when used under the right circumstances and cost roughly the same amount of money.

When deciding, the first question that you should ask yourself is whether or not you are a mouth breather. If the answer is “yes” then the SnoreRx is undoubtedly a better choice because it has ports that allow for mouth breathing. The zQuiet is another MAD with breather ports and is also a product that I highly recommend.

If mouth breathing is not an issue then I would recommend going with a tongue stabilizing device such as the GMSS. There are a few reasons why I prefer to use this product over the SnoreRx for non-mouth breathers.

First, the GMSS is less invasive, easier to adapt to, and takes up less room inside of the mouth. It’s one solid piece which makes it less likely to break and easier to clean. In addition, due to its design, it can be used by those who wear dentures. It’s an all around great product that works well when it comes to preventing snoring.

You can get more information on each device by reading my product reviews. My personal review of the GMSS review can be found here and the SnoreRx review is located over here. Also, you can visit the manufacturer’s website of each for more information and purchase.

Visit GMSS Website

Visit SnoreRx Website

I have created a table below that will help you compare these two products side by side. You will also find my review videos Below the table

Good Morning Snore Solution

SnoreRxSnorerx centered

FDA Cleared

green checkgreen check


green checkgreen check

Stops snoring

green checkgreen check

Money back guarantee

green checkgreen check


green checkred x

One piece design

green checkred x

Works out of box

green checkred x

Works with dentures

green checkred x


red xgreen check


red xgreen check

Breather port

red xgreen check

Total Price



Where to buy

visit sitevisit site

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