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3 snoring devices for mouth breathers

There are several factors that one should consider prior to purchasing an anti-snoring mouthpiece such as comfort, quality, adjustability, and price. However, there is one attribute that many fail to consider. Buying a device that permits mouth breathing is often overlooked by those who suffer from sinus or allergy issues.

Oral appliances, or snoring mouthguards, can be classified into two different categories – those for mouth breathers and those for nasal breathers.

Breathable mouthguards vs. non-breathable

Breathable devices

Breathable devices are typically equipped with holes, slots, or simply a space at the front of the device which allows air to pass in and out of the mouth. Others have a hinge design which allows the device to move with your mouth, letting air in and out. Either way, they provide snoring relief while allowing the free movement of air.

Non-breathable devices

SnorBanNon-Breathable snoring devices can appear similar in nature to their counterpart yet do not allow the user to breathe freely through the mouth. They are often solid, one piece oral appliances without any holes, slots, spaces, or hinges. The lack of a breathing option is not necessarily a bad thing. They are still effective and can offer the added benefit of preventing dry mouth. Non-breathable devices can be a great choice if one’s sinuses allow for nasal breathing.

SleepTight – My #1 Recommended Snoring Mouthpiece

sleeptight creamThere are over three dozen do-it-yourself mouthpieces to choose from. Some have special features while others are quite simple. The “SleepTight” is a product that I have tried and can recommend because it has several desirable features at a reasonable price.
Its most notable features include a larger air hole at the front and grooves that are incorporated into the tray which helps to create a tighter fit. For mouth breathers, an opening that provides adequate airflow is necessary and the SleepTight has the largest opening that I have seen in a mouthpiece.
It’s a great choice for those who tend to breathe through their mouth while sleeping or those with allergies, sinus issues, colds, a deviated septum or who have consumed excessive alcohol. The SleepTight was designed by a seasoned dentist with over 30 years of experience.  Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Created By Dr. Michael Williams
  • FDA Cleared
  • Extra Large Breather Hole
  • Solid 1 Piece Design
  • Custom Molds To Your Mouth In Less Than 5 Mins
  • BPA & Latex-free
  • Comes With A 30 Day Guarantee
  • Exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer to Snoring MouthPiece Guide Readers
  • 2 for $88 Including Shipping (Must Click On “Visit SleepTight” Before Ordering)

Read my complete review of the SleepTight.

3 Other Snoring Device That Allows Mouth Breathing


Why is it an excellent choice?Zquietvisit1125

The zQuiet is one of the most highly sought-after products on the market and there are several reasons for this. First, it has a patented “living hinge” design which is simply a spring action hinge that opens and closes with the natural movement of the jaw. This action provides a large volume of air to enter and exit through the mouth because there are no narrow holes which can restrict airflow. Think of it this way: using the zQuiet provides airflow that is the equivalent to wearing virtually nothing at all. There are no restrictive passages for air to travel.

In addition to providing optimum airflow, this device is ready to use out of the box and requires no fitting or molding steps. Simply rinse the mouthguard under warm water to relax the hinges and place into your mouth. It’s designed to accommodate virtually any size mouth. In addition, it’s made in the USA, FDA cleared, latex free and BPA free.

You can read a review that I wrote on the zQuiet here.

Alternatively, you can visit zQuiet’s website here



Why is it a good choice?

The SnoreRx is an excellent choice for mouth breathers who snore. Airflow is more restrictive than the zQuiet, however, it comes in a close second due to its continuous air slot that spans the entire front of the device. The air slot measures 1/8″ of an inch (3.17 mm) tall and 1.25″ (31.75mm) wide. This space provides more than enough airflow for most people while still being compact in design. There are a few devices out there that offer a taller or wider air hole, however, this adds to the overall bulkiness of the device. The SnoreRx strikes a balance with adequate airflow while limiting bulk.

Another great feature is the thermoplastic lining which allows you to take a custom impression of your upper and lower teeth. A custom impression offers a better fit and a higher level of comfort. It can be custom fitted in your home using only a pot of boiled water and a pair of tongs. Like the zQuiet, it’s also made in the USA, FDA cleared, and latex & BPA free. In addition, it allows for jaw advancement which can be completed without the use of special tools.

Read over my complete review of the SnoreRx. Or you can simply

Go to the SnoreRx website for more information


Why is it a good choice?VitalSleep Button

The VitalSleep is a good choice because like the SnoreRx, it has a fairly large breather port in the front. With a port profile of 1/4″ (6.35 mm) tall and 1″ (24.5 mm) wide, its air hole is significantly taller and more narrow in comparison to the SnoreRx. While slightly thicker, it does offer plenty of airflows which is great news if you are a mouth breather.

This particular snoring mouthguard can be heated using boiling hot water for 10 seconds during the initial fitting process. While this process does not produce a precise impression of your teeth, it does help to reshape the trays for a customized and more comfortable fit.

It is made from US sourced plastics, FDA cleared, BPA & latex free and comes in 2 different sizes – small and regular. In addition, the lower tray can be adjusted using a provided hex tool.

Read about my experience with the VitalSleep.

Go to the official VitalSleep website here

How to tell if you are a mouth breather while asleep?

The most obvious reason why most put little thought into mouthguard breathability is that it’s near impossible to tell exactly how you breathe while sleeping. Odds are, you are in the market for a snoring solution because a partner has noticed this potentially problematic bedroom habit. If this is the case, simply have your partner observe your breathing habits while you’re sleeping. Alternatively, you can always set up a video camera and record yourself while asleep. Since the lights will be on, a good blindfold will help you to fall asleep.

Waking up with dry lips or a dry mouth are also two indicators that you may be a mouth breather while sleeping. Those who suffer seasonal allergies or simply have sinus issues are more likely to be mouth breathers. When in doubt, choose a device that allows for breathing. Keep in mind that these devices are just as effective when used by nasal breathers.

Personally, I tend to breathe through my mouth during certain time of the year such as while sick or during allergy season. During these periods I use a device which permits mouth breathing. All other times I prefer to use the Good Morning Snore Solution as it’s incredibly effective and take up very little room in my mouth.

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