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Review of VitalSleep snoring solution – Is it really worth the money?

4 Star Rating

Closeup of VitalSleep showing micro-adjustment mechanisms The sleep aid industry is growing by leaps and bounds each year as an increasing number of adults are being overworked and getting less than the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Likewise, there are millions of others who sleep for 8 or more hours per night and still wake up feeling groggy and tired.

While there may be several reasons why so many are waking up tired, the act of snoring is commonly cited as the root cause of restlessness. Knowing this, various products have popped up on the market in recent years promising the best night sleep you ever had. The VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece happens to be one of these products.

What exactly is the VitalSleep?

VitalSleep showing no offset, medium offset and maximum offset

VitalSleep has been cleared by the FDA -510(k) Number K092942 as of January 2010 and is classified a class II anti-snoring device. It is a mandibular advancement device that has a lower jaw adjustment which can be tweaked using the provided hex tool. It is constructed from USA produced thermoplastic developed by DuPont and is guaranteed to be latex and BPA free.

It comes in one size which is regular and features the commonly used “boil and bite” technology which provides more of a custom fit, contouring the unique ridges of one’s teeth. Also, it enables breathing through the mouth due to the provided air hole located at the front of the device.

Like all other MAD’s, this product works by maintaining your lower jaw in the advanced position, pulling forward the tongue, mouth tissue and various muscles. As a result, the airway is cleared from obstructions and the sound of snoring ceases.

The Vitalsleep mouthpiece was co-developed by The Snore Reliever Company LLC and is based out of New York, NY. The company was registered in December 2010 but the device did not gain much momentum until just over a year later in January 2012. VitalSleep was created with the help of a doctor who has over 20 years of experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

The inventor came up with the idea to create a low-cost anti-snore device after spending nearly $3,000 on a dentist prescribed oral appliance that broke shortly after being used.

My experience using the VitalSleep

A few days ago I received my VitalSleep in the mail and immediately read the instructions and put it to use the first night. Creating a custom impression only took a few minutes and afterward I used the provided hex tool to adjust the lower tray. Here’s are the steps that I followed during the initial fitting process.

  1. Ensure that the upper and lower trays are both adjusted directly on top of each other. If not, use the adjustment tool to move the lower tray in or out. There is an indicator mark on each side of the device. Makes sure that the indicator mark is located all the way forward.
  2. Insert the provided fitting handle through the rear of the mouth opening. Is should “snap” firmly into place. If you are having a difficult time snapping it into place it may be because the handle is upside down. Flip the handle over and try again
  3. Boil 2 cups of water on the stove and submerge the mouthpiece for a total of 10 seconds – no more, no less. Most boil and bite devices are heated for 1-2 minutes but this is not the case with the VitalSleep. Be sure not to overheat.
  4. Remove from the water and locate triangle stamped on the inside of the mouthguard. This indicated the upper tray. Place the device in your mouth with the correct side up and bite down gently. Hold this position for 15 seconds.
  5. Remove from your mouth and rinse under cold water for 30 seconds to cool it.
  6. After cooling, remove the handle and check to ensure a good fit
  7. Use the provided tool to move the lower tray forward. I set mine at just past the halfway mark. You can always adjust it later on if necessary.

The entire process was really easy and only took a few minutes. I was able to achieve a great fit on my first attempt so I was ready to go.

The 7-day trial

Frontal View of VitalSleepThe first night I put the Vitalsleep in just before going to bed and found it to be a natural fit. After reading for a while I was soon sound asleep and my wife listened by my side. I slept great the entire night and work up feeling refreshed. I asked my wife if it worked and she said that she did not fall asleep to the sound of my snoring. So far, so good.

I felt that it could be adjusted some so I used tool that came with it to bring the lower tray in by turning the adjustment screw counter-clockwise half a revolution.

The following six nights I slept great and my snoring was a thing of the past! I found the large air hole to be quite beneficial as it allowed plenty of air in and out. It was comfortable to wear and I didn’t experience any side effects such as drooling or gum irritation which is common with your average boil and bite devices.

My overall thoughts

Overall, I was really impressed with the VitalSleep. It is without a doubt one of the best-engineered mouthpieces out there. It allows you to breathe freely, is comfortable and adjustable, and most importantly it worked! As of this writing, I have tried several dozen mouthguards in an attempt to control my snoring and have concluded that this one provides the best value hand down.

Visit VitalSleep

The price tag

Price tag with magnifying glass over the word priceWhen purchasing the Vitalsleep, there are two options:

Single Pack: When purchased as a single pack, the VitalSleep cost $59.95 plus $7.95 for US shipping. Use Promo code DEALS  and receive 10% off your order. When purchasing the single pack, the total cost, including shipping and the discount is $61.91 for one.

Dual Pack: VitalSleep also offers a dual pack which allows you to save even more when you purchase two at once. When purchased as a dual pack, the cost is $99.95 plus $7.95 for US shipping. Once again, use promo code DEALS  and save 10%. When purchasing the dual pack using the discount code, the total cost including shipping for two is $97.91 or $48.95 for one. Remember, you need to purchase two in order to receive this price.

*Note, international shipping is $9.95

Something else to keep in mind is that they are offering free replacements for one full year.

What are the critics saying?

Animation of three people talkingAs with all devices that are similar in nature, some jaw soreness has been reported after the first few nights of use. Almost all customers have reported a complete night of uninterrupted sleep, more energy, and absolutely no snoring the entire night. No instances of long-term discomfort were cited anywhere online.  Others have noticed a change in mood for the better which can be attributed to being fully rested.

I found a few who claimed that the unit can be difficult to clean because of all the nooks and crannies created during the boil and bite fitting process. Others say that the device wears out faster if you grind your teeth at night.  On average, most reviews are coming from people who have purchased and used the product for a year or less.

Clinical studies and VitalSleep

Often times, skeptics will inquire about clinical studies which prove a product works. While the Vitalsleep has not been clinically tested, similar devices have and the results indicate that such devices are effective at treating moderate to severe cases of snoring. There are numerous documented studies such as this one conducted by the Department of Thoracic Medicine at Middlesex Hospital in the UK.  The study concluded that 80 out of 94 (85%) of patients who completed the study had shown improvements in snoring. While the study did not use this particular device, VitalSleep works in a similar fashion.

Keep in mind that the vast majority anti-snoring mouthpieces that are available on the market today were not tested using a clinical study. These types of studies can be very expensive and time-consuming. Because of this, manufacturers often rely on studies that were previously conducted using similar mouthpieces.

VitalSleep recommendation

The VitalSleep is another newcomer to the anti-snoring device market yet comes packing a hard punch, providing a product that exceeds several other over-the-counter devices in its class. Having the ability to be custom molded and adjusted, this stop snoring device gives the buyer more adjustment options which provide superior comfort. It also features breathing holes which allow those with sinus issues the ability to breathe through their mouth while sleeping. With a current price around $68 (even less if you purchase two using the promo code), it is one of the least expensive adjustable MAD’s available on the market today.

Similar to their competitors, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. What really sets them apart is the fact that VitalSleep offers free replacements for one full year, for any reason.

The VitalSleep is dead-on when it comes to design, price, comfort, and functionality and because of this, I recommend the Vitalsleep anti-snoring device.

Visit VitalSleep

Which mouthpiece should I buy?

The anti-snoring mouthpiece is one of the most highly effective stop snoring solutions available. With over 100 different products to choose from, deciding which one to buy can be challenging.

As a snorer and product reviewer, I have tried many of these devices and created a list of recommended devices that will help to make this decision much easier.

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