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aveoTSD Tongue Stabilizing Device Product review

4 Star Rating

While the Mandibular Advancement Device is one of the more commonly used anti-snoring mouthpiece devices, tongue stabilizing devices such as the aveoTSD are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to bulky mouthpieces. In general, they are less intrusive, easy to use, and often effective at controlling mild to moderate snoring. Also, it is one of the few available devices that can be used by those who wear dentures.

How does the aveoTSD work and who created it?

Closeup side view of aveoTSDThe aveoTSD is constructed from a medical grade silicone which does not have to be molded or trimmed. It is a one size fits all product that is ready to use out of the box. Instead of creating an impression of your teeth and fitting the device in your mouth, the aveoTSD attaches to the tip of your tongue and rests on the outside of your lips. It works by preventing your tongue from flopping to the back of your throat and obstructing the airway. In essence, your tongue is pulled forward the entire night as you sleep.

To attach it, simply rinse the device with hot water and stick the tip of your tongue in the bulb. Gently press the sides to create a suction which holds the device to the tongue. The suction will increase as you squeeze the bulb closer together. Find a position that is comfortable, snug yet not too tight. If the device falls off while sleeping you will want to increase the negative pressure by squeezing the bulb a bit more.

Unlike some products that are available, this one has clinically proven effectiveness and was created by Dr. Chris Robertson of New Zealand who specializes in dental sleep medicine.  While developing this product, Dr. Robertson spent several years conducting clinical studies showing that this product actually works.  Several studies compared this device to the Mandibular Advancement Device and concluded that the aveoTSD can be comparatively effective in reducing snoring as the MAD.

Product criticism

Animation of person sitting on green questionmark Like every other snoring solution on the market, there of course downfalls that are reported by users.

First and foremost is the inability to sleep and also tongue soreness. For the first 3-5 days, you will likely have a difficult time getting a full nights rest. This should eventually subside but you may experience tenderness on the tip of your tongue for up to 7 days. Also, keeping the device attached to your tongue may be difficult for the first few nights. Increase the negative suction if you find it to slip off in the middle of the night. Several users place a dab of denture cream in the bulb to assist with adhesion.

Also, this tongue stabilizing device is not for everyone.  Those who have a nasal blockage or have difficulty breathing through their nose may find breathing difficult when using this product.

Throughout the years, this product has undergone some development in order to make it more comfortable. Perhaps the most noticeable change occurred when the manufacturer decreases the thickness of the silicone to .4 mm. This reduction made it more comfortable to wear and easier to initially adapt. The new design took effect in 2009 so if you decide to purchase it, ensure that the manufactured date is newer than 2009.

Actual customer reviews

The AveoTsd has been on the market for several years now so finding various reviews from actual customers is not extremely difficult. Here are a few

(source: CPAP Talk)

“The first time I put the device on, it felt super strange. I was just sitting and walking around with it, and salivating like crazy. I never knew I could drool this much! Anyways, it probably took me about 5 nights to get used to it.” -Chairmango

“It does take a little time to get used to…excess saliva at first and my mouth, teeth and tongue felt “different” in the morning, but it was so worth it…snoring is absolutely gone, I have vivid dreams and I sleep all night with out periods of wakefulness I had experienced for years.” -Charleygirl303

“I would highly recommend trying out the Aveo TSD first before trying a mouth guard, because as I said, it worked better for me and was more affordable.” –Guest

Will it help with my sleep apnea?

cpap machine and mask for sleep apenaThose with obstructive sleep apnea are typically issued a CPAP machine and often feel tied to their machine, taking it everywhere they go and are constantly searching for an electrical outlet. Many sleep apnea suffers have successfully substituted their CPAP machines with a simple tongue stabilizing device. While this is possible, it is advisable to first speak with your doctor in order to determine if this product is a potential substitute. Your doctor may have you conduct a sleep study with the device in order to determine its effectiveness.

How much does it cost?

Money bag cost of aveoTSDThe cost will vary from one retailer to another. These can be purchased for $189.95 plus shipping costs.

You will find the aveoTSD being sold on some websites for a fraction of this cost, perhaps as low as $40. Counterfeit items have been appearing recently online and look nearly identical, all the down to the packaging. Unfortunately, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. One giveaway is that the product is being shipped from Hong Kong or China where these counterfeits are typically manufactured.

The issue with these counterfeit items is that they are made from an inferior material that may leach harmful chemicals into your body throughout the night while it’s inside of your mouth. AveoTSD uses down corning medical silicone to product their mouthpieces. These have been tested and certified for medical use. The counterfeit products often use cheap plastics that release an unpleasant smell and taste. It’s important to purchase from an authorized dealer to ensure that you are receiving a genuine product that is safe to use. The green button below will bring you to an authorized retailer who sells the genuine aveoTSD.

Buy AveoTSD Here

Should I buy it?

Man holding up sign with question marks written on itThe most important question that you should ask yourself before buying is whether or not you can easily breathe through your nose while sleeping. If the answer is “no” or “occasionally” then you may want to consider an alternative product as the Aveo does not allow for oral breathing.

If nasal breathing is not an issue then buying the Aveo may be one of the best decisions you ever made. Sure its simply a piece of formed silicone that likely cost pennies to manufacture but keep in mind that countless hours of research, product development and marketing can become quite costly.

A product can be simple yet very effective and this product is a prime example. Don’t let the seemingly high cost sway your decision. If it stops your snoring problem then it is worth its weight in gold.

How would you rate the Aveo?

This product has several features that I prefer, most notably its unique ability to be effective without taking up a lot of room in your mouth. Being created by a doctor that specializes in sleeping disorders, clinically proven, and cleared by the FDA  makes this product very unique. It would receive 5 stars if it could be used by those who have sinus issues.

Which mouthpiece should I buy?

The anti-snoring mouthpiece is one of the most highly effective stop snoring solutions available. With over 100 different products to choose from, deciding which one to buy can be challenging.

As a snorer and product reviewer, I have tried many of these devices and created a list of recommended devices that will help to make this decision much easier.

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