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Casper Pillow Product Review – Is it Worth The Price?

4.25 Star Rating

All About the Casper Pillow

What Makes Casper Pillow Unique?

Casper pillow unzipped showing inner pillow

Casper Retails at $55 for a queen pillow and $65 for a king

In the olden days, if you wanted a higher end pillow, you would visit Macy’s, Sears, or a number of other retail department stores and search for the most comfortable down feather pillow that you could find displayed on a shelf. It wasn’t long ago that there were only two pillow choices – down or polyester.

Today, there are more pillow options than ever. Each pillow is filled with a different material from memory foam to hyperelastic polymer. To make matters even more complicated, manufacturers are all making the same promise – their pillow will be the coolest and most comfortable pillow that you have ever slept on. While these claims sound promising, the truth is that not all manufacturers live up to their claims.

The Casper Pillow is a relatively new addition to the growing number of luxury pillows that are available on the market. It’s fairly unique because it combines two features that shoppers typically look for when buying a pillow. Many people are torn when it comes to choosing between a soft pillow and firm pillow.

Firm pillows offer the support necessary to keep your head, neck, and body supported and aligned while soft pillows provide a soft comfortable surface to lay your head on. The issue is, the shopper must choose between the two and often end up dissatisfied with their purchase because their pillow is either too soft or too hard. This is where Casper Pillow makes the decision easier.

The outer layer of the pillow contains a fine wispy synthetic fill which makes the pillow very soft to the touch. It’s said that these fibers are about 1/20th the thickness of human hair and the outer portion of this pillow contains billions of these fibers.

At the center is a pillow that is a bit firmer, containing a different type of synthetic material that’s denser than the outer layer. This layer provides support for the head. The cover which contains both layers is made from 100% Supima cotton. In essence, you are able to experience both firmness and softness at the same time.

Instead of having to choose between soft and firm, you get both with the Casper Pillow. It’s actually a pillow within a pillow.

100 Night Money Back Guarantee 

Money Back Guarantee badgeIf you have ever been let down by a product that over promises and under delivers, you will be glad to know that the Casper pillow comes with a 100-night risk-free guarantee.

According to the company’s website, the return process is simple and straightforward. If within the 100 day period you decide not to keep the pillow, simply contact Casper customer support and request a prepaid shipping label which you will adhere to the box and drop off at the UPS store. Once received, you will receive a complete refund back to your credit card.

It’s good to know that Casper either recycles or donates their returns, so nothing goes to waste.

Is It Machine Washable?

Machine Washable checkYou lay your head on the pillow every night. Oils, sweat, and dirt from your scalp make their way onto your pillowcase and ultimately into your pillow. Dead skin falls off and dust mites invade. Nobody wants oil, sweat, dirt, dead skin and dust mites hanging around their pillow.

There are two choices when it comes to maintaining a fresh pillow. You can either replace or wash it. In most cases, pillows are not machine washable, making replacement the only option.

While a pillowcase catches some of the contaminants, the remaining residue makes its way through the pillow case and into the actual pillow.

One nice feature of the Casper Pillow is the fact that the outer pillow is machine washable. Simply remove the pillowcase, unzip it and remove the inner pillow. The outer pillow and pillow case can be washed, so you can enjoy a clean pillow without having to replace it every couple of months.

How Much Does The Casper Pillow Cost? 

Green dollar signIn order to take advantage of the 100-night guarantee, you will need to purchase the Casper Pillow directly from the company that produces it. The current price of one pillow is $55 for a standard size and $65 for the queen size. They offer free shipping on all orders which is a nice feature. Additionally, they occasionally offer promotional codes which makes this luxury pillow even more affordable.

You can find this pillow at retailers such as Target for about the same price.

When compared to other luxury pillows, Casper is priced slightly below average which makes this product appealing.

My Review of The Casper Pillow

Person looking at review with magnifying glassWhen ordering the Casper pillow, my hopes were very high as the idea of a pillow inside of a pillow sparked my interest. The design seemed as if it would be functional and I liked the idea of having a pillow that is machine washable.

The pillow arrived in a plain box, which when opened revealed a colorful night sky display complete with stars. The pillow was gently nestled inside with a welcome card resting on top. The card contained information on the pillow.

After removing the plastic wrapping that covered the pillow, the first thing that I noticed is just how soft the pillow was.  The synthetic fibers that filled the outer layer of the pillow could not be any softer. I unzipped the pillow and noticed that the cover was stuffed with filler on both sides. Inside the pillow was the firmer inner pillow which was a bit smaller than the outer pillow. The inner pillow was still very soft, but noticeably firmer. The pillow smelled fresh with no foul manufacturing odors. I laid my head on the pillow and it sunk in, gently cradling either side of my head. I then tried to use the pillow on my stomach, side, and back. The pillow was comfortable, yet supportive in each position.

I slept with the Casper pillow over the next three nights and found it to be quite comfortable and supportive. It did provide just the right amount of support without compromising comfort. I did notice that the pillow required fluffing ever few days. The Casper Pillow lived up to all of its promises and is a product that I would recommend.


  • Supportive yet soft
  • Machine washable
  • Affordably priced
  • 100-day money back guarantee
  • Good quality


  • Requires periodic fluffing
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