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Exactly how much does the Puresleep Cost? – The true price of the Puresleep

Try now, Just pay $9.95

PuresleepDoes phrase sound familiar? If you have recently visited the Puresleep website in search of a snoring mouthpiece you have likely become frustrated trying to figure out exactly how much the Puresleep really costs.

In a desperate attempt to figure out the true price,  you commit to buying the device by clicking on the TRY NOW button. From here you really become irritated as the price is still not revealed!

“Are you at least 18 year old”

“Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions”

“Have you ever been diagnosed with central sleep apnea?”

“Do you have chronic asthma, emphysema, or any other severe respiratory disorder?”


Once you have answered nearly 2 dozen questions (100%) correctly, only then are you given some insight into the true price of this product.

The true price of the Puresleep

Nearly 2 dozen questions must be answered before the true price is revealed.

Nearly 2 dozen questions must be answered before the true price is revealed.

I’m going to save you a lot of time and frustration by offering you the true cost of the Puresleep. Here is a breakdown of the overall cost.

 $59.90 Mouthpiece

+$9.95/$19.95 Standard/Rush shipping

$69.85 / $79.85  Total price depending on your shipping choice.

So what about trying it for $9.95?

Money MoneySeventy dollars? Whatever happened $9.95?

Puresleep allows you the option to order (“try”) their mouthpiece for $9.95 which covers the cost of shipping and handling. This option is NOT the default so you must select “I prefer to take advantage of the free trial offer and make 2 payments.” while on the final checkout page.

From the date of receipt, you have 30 days to decide whether or not you are satisfied with the device. If satisfied, your card will automatically be charged the full price of the Puresleep which is $59.90 after the 30 days have lapsed. If not satisfied you must return the Puresleep to the manufacturer before the 30 period ends. Return shipping expenses are expected to be paid by you, the buyer.

Why ask so many questions and why not just tell me the price?

You may be left wondering why Puresleep requires you to answer so many questions that are somewhat personal. You may also wonder why not just tell you the real cost instead of beating around the bush. These are two great questions that deserve answers.

Why ask me 23 questions?

There is one primary reason why Puresleep asks you 23 questions. From a legal standpoint, the company is acting in self-interest to protect their self from liability in the event that someone is injured by while using their product.

Keep in mind that the Puresleep, like several other mandibular advancement devices, is technically a class II prescription medical device.  You can think of this questionnaire a sort of an evaluation before they are able to sell the mouthpiece to you. It helps to screen out individuals who should not be using a MAD such as those with central sleep apnea, loose teeth, jaw malformations, TMD, TMJ, etc.

Why not be upfront about the cost?

Wouldn’t it be much easier if Puresleep simply told us that the cost of their mouthguard with shipping is $70? Why put us through the hassle of answering a seemingly endless number of questions before showing the total price? The answer is simple: because it helps them to sell more.

The sales strategy that they are using is not at all new. In fact, it has been used for several decades. They capture your interests with an ultra-low carefully worded price and then reveal the true cost once you have committed and answered a long list of questions – the ole “bait and switch”. Unfortunately, the stop snoring industry has its fair share of manufacturers who use this tactic. There are at least two other similar companies who use such tactics.

Does the Puresleep really work?

I wrote a review a while back on the Puresleep and in general, the mouthpiece gets the job done as advertised. However, there are literally several dozen other mouthpieces that are available, some which perform better. I put together a comparison table which lists several different devices and allows you to compare the price of several different snoring mouthguards among other dimensions. You can also look at a few mouthpieces that I have personally tried and recommended here.

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