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Mattress Reviews

Please note: Mattresses appear in the order in which they were reviewed 

Online Mattress Comparison Chart

Mattress Average Price (Queen)Key Features
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Hybrid design featuring both innerspring along with plush foam. Made in the USA in WI.
Tomorrow Memory Foam Mattress
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Three layers of premium memory foam creates a medium firmness mattress.
Made In the USA in Charlotte, NC
eLuxury - Gel Memory Foam
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Coil-less 10" eLux gel memory foam mattress.
Made in the USA in Mississippi
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Natural Latex Mattress featuring 3 layers of natural latex which is a more breathable material. Made in USA in Acton, Massachusetts
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$950.00Innovative cooling fabric. Available in 3 levels of firmness
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Air-Engineered to dissipate heat and provide a comfortable sleeping surface
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Customizable with 64 different firmness configurations
Serta iComfort Blue 100
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$1,099.00Contains TempActiv Gel Memory foam for better cooling and pressure relief
Beautyrest Black Calista
  Coming Soon!

$1,599.00Contains Surfacecool Fiber and Geltouch Foam for a cool and comfortable mattress
  Coming Soon!

$799.00Copper Infused for cooler sleeping surface. Flippable Firmness

I know, you’re probably thinking – “You review mouthpieces for snoring, why are you now reviewing mattresses?” There’s a good reason for this, and here’s why.

While having a bed partner who doesn’t snore is critical, I also realized just how important it is to own a comfortable mattress which allows your body to rejuvenate itself throughout the night.

Having a partner who snores combined with an uncomfortable bed is a double whammy. Believe me, I’ve dealt with both and I have spent many past years being sleep-deprived.

Let me begin by telling you about a recent experience that I had, which inspired me to incorporate mattress reviews into this site.

When shopping for a bed, I discovered a new way to buy a mattress that does not involve driving around town from one mattress store to another while haggling with salesmen. What I’m talking about is buying a mattress online. In case you didn’t know, having a mattress shipped directly to your doorstep is now the new craze.

“Who buys a mattress online? That’s kind of strange. I mean, I’d rather go to a store, lay on several beds and find the one that’s most comfortable before making such a large financial decision.”

I can definitely relate to this notion. These were my exact thoughts when I first heard about buying a mattress online, and then I learned this.

In the fiercely competitive world of online mattress shopping, almost all companies offer a 100+ night trail and there are even some that offer a 365-night trail! 

Think about it, you visit a brick-and-mortar mattress store and you lay on a handful of mattresses for maybe a total of 10 minutes before being ushered towards the checkout desk. Once there, you swipe your credit card (or sign on the line for financing) and the mattress becomes yours.

After sleeping on your mattress of choice for few nights, you realize that’s it’s not as comfortable as you had remembered it being during your brief visit to the showroom. Unfortunately, returning that mattress is not possible. You bought it. It’s yours.

If you buy a mattress online with a trial period and you decide that it not a good fit, you simply contact the company and they arrange for a pickup and issue a refund.

And it gets better.

Online retailers don’t have to maintain a physical storefront. Because of this, their operating costs are much lower than brick-and-mortar stores. Much of this savings is passed along to the consumer. This means that you receive a much better value.

After learning this, I was sold.

Now, back to why I’m reviewing mattresses.

Having a 100-night or even a 1000-night trial is not going to help when it comes to choosing a mattress. It’s pretty difficult to get a feel for a mattress by simply looking at a photo online.

Since you can’t physically lay on the mattress, I’ll take care of this for you and will create a comprehensive review on a number of mattresses, much like I’ve done in the past with snoring-related products.

I’m here to navigate you through the sea of online mattress retailers and quantify the attributes of each mattress. In addition, I will also offer my own personal opinion after sleeping on each for a few nights.

My hope is that after reading my reviews, you have a better understanding of the characteristics of each mattress and feel as though you have actually tried each one yourself. From there, you can decide which is the best fit for you.

Now, let’s get started. The table below lists all of the mattresses that I have personally tried and a review of each.